Hi and welcome to Energia Zouk - founded by Seattle's original zouk cofounder, Robert Luu. At Energia, our goal is to help students fall in love with the Feeling of Brazilian Zouk dancing - its grace, flow, hair whips, and energy.

Brazilian Zouk has a rich history that spans many genres of dance, cultures and musical eras and it is our mission to connect Seattle Zoukers with the global zouk community through its shared language.

Robert Luu is a local zouk pioneer and dedicated to growing fundamentally sound Zouk dancers in Seattle. Using elements of solo dance technique and musicality from hip hop, jazz, ballet and more, his classes are filled with a combination of dance technique fused with lead / follow technology.

He studied dance at the University of Washington where he also received his B.A. in Philosophy. But his initial dance experience came from humble beginnings as a Bboy and Hip Hop Instructor at Westlake Dance Center. He was part of the NBA's Sonics Dance Team - one of the only franchises in the nation featuring male performers. He recently choreographed Amazon's Prime Day dance commercial receiving over 12 Million views.

Robert is one of the first Americans to be certified by the Brazilian Zouk Dance Council. He is a judge for zouk jack n jill competitions. He has taught at Zouk Congresses and festivals throughout the US, Mexico, Canada and Asia.

He is proud of Seattle's rich history where he has witnessed many of his students begin to share their love of Zouk who are now teaching and competing.

Energia Zouk prepares students for all facets of Zouk from beautiful social dancing to more advanced elements like jack n jill competitions, or performances through structured and progressive group classes and privates.

Robert is a national Brazilian Zouk Champion winning 1st place at the US Open Zouk Competition in LA, but he will tell you his greatest achievements is seeing his students challenge themselves, getting over their fears, and pushing pass their personal limitations.

Travelling to Porto Seguro and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil opened his eyes to the spirit of the dance and its people. The soul of Zouk is something he wishes to share with you at Energia.

From the archives, The first published article on Seattle Zouk:

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